JULIE (Benko) SINGS JULE (Styne)

Sunday, April 14, 2024
5:00 p.m.

Tickets: 30+under: $30 | Single tix: $75


Along with her multi-talented husband Jason Yeager, JULIE BENKO wowed Bay Area Cabaret's audience in her Venetian Room debut last season. Hardly a single person left the venue without begging for an encore performance. In answer to our prayers, Benko has agreed to bring us her runaway hit cabaret show JULIE (Benko) SINGS JULE (Styne), Those in attendance at this Season Finale, will be treated to Broadway favorites like "Make Someone Happy", "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" and a heartfelt version of "People", as well as lesser-known numbers and untold stories from Styne's forgotten shows ("Subways are for Sleeping"). JULIE (Benko) SINGS JULE (Styne) is a love letter to the bygone days of Broadway from its newest breakout star.

In his glowing review of Julie Sings Jule at Birdland, Broadway World's Stephen Mosher says: Julie Sings Jule is filled with trivia, facts, histories about Jule Styne - but not the boring old things you can find on Wikipedia. For every factoid dispensed about Styne there is an intimate story about his personal life, his marriage, his demons, his desires, and there is always (and this is the secret weapon) a tie-in to something that Julie Benko has felt, thought, experienced, or welcomed into her life with Jule Styne. The audience gets to learn about Jule, they get to learn about Julie, they get to learn about Julie and Jason, and they go home feeling like they just spent an evening with friends, dear friends that are funny (oh, so funny), and talented (really, super-talented)..."

Look for Julie this fall on Broadway, alongside Sierra Boggess, in the Barry Manilow show Harmony!